what is SEO and How to do SEO ?

What is SEO?

In today’s time, whenever we face any problem or any question arises in our mind, we search directly on Google. The same type of question will also arise in the mind of the new blogger, what is SEO and How to do SEO

When we search for anything, the results that we see on the first page, we only see them and find their answer. Most people get their answer on their first page, from which the website which is on the first page And blogs get more traffic, and their ranking is also good.

We should make our website and blog such that it can get good traffic by coming in the top 10 rank in search engine. To do this process it has been named SEO.

Today we will know in detail about what is SEO ? and how to do SEO.

1. What is SEO

what is SEO – Search engine optimization is the rule related to a website or blog, which is very important to know for creating any website or blog. If you are creating your new blog, then information about it is very important. Before starting a website, you must be aware of this.

In other words, the process of bringing any blog page or post to a particular keyword in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. is called search engine optimization or SEO.


In easy language search engine optimization (SEO) is a process, in the process SEO is improved on any website or blog by doing it very well.

what is SEO – This process increases the visibility of a website or blog in the search engine and it starts coming first in the search engine. Through this, any website is made search engine friendly, this is called search engine optimization.

2. What is the work of SEO?

Now that we know what is SEO , now the question will be in your mind that how to do SEO website? So the simple answer would be – “Search Engine Optimization”

In easy language, if you go to Google and search for keywords, then whatever information related to those keywords is available in Google, it shows us. All this information comes from different websites and blogs available in Google.

The websites or blogs that appear at the top of the keywords we search are ranked first on Google. That website or blog SEO also plays a huge role in getting the first rank and it is done very well, which leads to more visitors to that website or blog.

3. What does SEO do?

We have come to know what is SEO, now we will know what SEO does.
SEO works to improve the sharp ranking of any website or blog.

If you want to do any online business or earn money from affiliate marketing and or Google AdSense, then first of all you will need SEO. SEO is the only way to help increase traffic and revenue on your website and blog.

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4. How to do SEO

First of all, you have to make a blog of your own. After that you have to publish content by adding content in it, but just publishing content does not mean that visitors will start coming to your site. You have to do SEO well to come to the visitor. So that your page will appear on the first or second page of the search engine.

Google and other search engines have made such rules, if you follow these rules, then they will be called SEO. Through these rules you can increase traffic by bringing good rank to your site.

Google is the most used search engine in the world because there is millions of information available in Google. GOOGLE adjusts those information and looks in the search engine. Google indexes all content. As soon as a user searches a content on Google, Google shows that content in search results based on keywords.

5.How to learn SEO?

If you are new and you have created a blog or website a few days ago, then you must first submit that blog or site to all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. After this, what you need to do is explained below –

1.Choose the right SEO keywords for SEO.

2.The keywords you have selected must be used in your website and blog.
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3.Submit the sitemap of your website or blog to Google. Sitemap.Xml contains all the information on our site.

4.Only put good content on the blog, which will increase visitors to your site.

5.Add content to the blog regularly and keep the content of the blog a little longer.

6. Keep the title and description of the blog attractive and impressive.

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6. There are mainly two types of SEO

1. On Page SEO
2. Off page SEO

6.1 On Page SEO

On page SEO has to be done inside your blog and website. This means that our website and blog are designed in such a way that it will be liked by Google as well as the user. There are some rules of SEO, you can get good rank in Google by following them. For that you need to write good content on the blog and use such keywords in those content which are searched more in search engines.

6.1.1 How to do on page seo

Now we have learned what is on page SEO, now we know about how to do on page SEO –

1.Use keywords in your title.
2.Use keywords in the first paragraph of an article or post.
3.Use your keyword in Permalink (Post URL).
4.Use your keyword in the image’s alt tag.
5.Use H2 and H3 headings.
6.Interlinking the URL of another article in the blog.
7.Write the article in at least 800-1000 words.
8.Minimize or optimize the image before uploading it.
9.Keep the loading speed of the website good.
10.Use your keyword in meta description.

6.2. Off page SEO

Off page SEO has to do all the work outside the website and blog. For example, commenting on very popular websites and blogs and submitting a link to your website and blog in the comment is also called making it backlink. Apart from this, make a nice page of your website and blog on social networking sites like- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PinTest etc. Which will increase the traffic of your website and blog.

6.2.1 How do off page SEO?

Now we are going to tell you how to do off page SEO. Which techniques can you use to make your blogs more effective, so that more and more users will come to your blogs?

For this, I am telling you some steps below –

1. The contribution of the social networking site to off page SEO is increasing.

2. You can use search engine submission to make your blog popular.

3. You can also increase the ranking by using forum posting on the blog.

4. You can also increase traffic to your site by commenting on the famous blog.

5. Another way to increase traffic on the site is that you can increase traffic on YouTube channel by adding links below the description of a video.

6. By writing a post for another blog, you can give a link to your site in it, that is, guest posting.

7. You can also increase traffic by adding images of your website or blog to photo sharing website.

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7. Why is SEO Important?

If you want your blog to be ranked high in search engines, then it is very important to do search engine optimization. It is very important for you to have complete knowledge of SEO to do this.

All the search engines of the world like Google, Yahoo, Bing have special software to read any blog or website. Those special software are called web crawlers or spiders. In addition to this, a special search algorithm is also used to give search result points near the search engine.

Due to search engine optimization, your site appears on searching in Google. Due to search engine optimization, if the approval of Google Adsense is found in your blog or website, then you will start earning more if there is more traffic on your site or blog.

8. Benefits of doing SEO

There are many benefits of doing SEO which you have explained further:-

1. SEO improves serpent ranking of any website or blog.
2. The organic ranking of a website or blog can be increased by SEO.
3. High traffic is received from SEO on website or blog.
4. SEO is a method of digital marketing.
5. All those methods are used inside SEO so that your blog or site can be brought to the top in the search engine.

If you are also a new blogger and what is SEO ? and how do you do it? If you do not have information about this, then you must have found the answer in this post of ours, hope you would have liked this post, please comment on how my post looked like.

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