What is Niche Blog or Micro Niche Blog ? its full information

Niche Blog or Micro Niche Blog?

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the topic related to blogging. In this post we will try to know What is Niche Blog or Micro Niche Blog ? In today’s time, there are many such ways to earn online from Internet. But blogging is the best way to earn online. If you are a blogger, then you must know about Micro Niche or Niche Blog.

If you do not know about it, then in this article we will know what is Niche blog or micro Niche Blog? And how to make a Micro Niche and Niche Blog and how to make money from it. I am going to give information about it.

1. What is Niche Blog or Micro Niche Blog?

Niche Blog means such a blog which is based on one topic or one (Niche) to its blog, and every type of articles related to that niche are written and quality information is provided to the user. For example, if you choose the subject of travel, then in Niche Blogging you have to write on the subject related to travel.

same Micro Niche Blogging means that writing on a topic even smaller than the niche topic. Like if there is a health topic, if we write a blog on wait loss, then it is its micro niche blog .

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2. How to earn money from Niche blog or micro Blog?

Creating a Niche Blog is not such a difficult task as we understand it. The only difference between making Niche Blog and creating a multi niche blog is that multi niche can be made without doing any special research, but for Niche Blogs you need to do Reserch and Planning. Keeping your Skills, Interests etc. in mind, you can easily create a Niche Blog.

2.1 Identify Your Passion

If you do not like to write on the health topic, then it will be a bad idea for us to make a blog on the topic related to it. Even if you still have a little interest in it but do not have full interest, do not make the mistake of making a blog on such a Niche.

Whatever you like and what you like to know and talk about, just make a blog on the same topic, if you have chosen a topic without interest, then you will work for a few days, then you will start feeling boring and this will make your work well Will not be able to do it.

2.2 Identify Short Term and Long Term Niche

If your aim is to earn money by making a blog for a few days then you can choose Short Term Niche, but if you adopt Blogging as a Long Term then you should choose Long Term Niche, which in my view is all Should do. For example, if you start a TV serial as your Niche, then on completion of that TV serials, your blog will also be completed.

Such blogs are called short term blogs. If you talk about the long term, there are some topics which are never finished, such as health topics, travel topics, news topics which are always running, there is no possibility of ending them.

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2.3 Set up your Niche blog or Micro niche blog

Niche Blog or Micro Niche Blog-  If you want to earn money from a blog, then it has to be set up first. There are many platforms available for this, like WordPress and Blogger. After that you have to take the domain. You can get the domain from godady, where you will get less price. If you need hosting, you can take hosting of good companies like BlueHost or Hostgator and place your blog in front of the world.

Now after the domain and hosting are connected, you need to prepare the outline of your blog. For this, you can buy themes from many theme stores like Themeforest, Studiopress and Thesis and use them on your blog. You can also customize these themes as per your choice. Now the second thing which is very important is Plugins.

If your blog is in WordPress, you will get a lot of plugins, these plugins will make your blog very easy. For example, you want to add a bull notification to your blog so that the user gets the notification of your new post. For this you need not worry at all, just go to your WordPress plugin store and install a plugin and you are done. There are many plugins for WordPress Blog like W3 Total Cache, Smush.it, Jetpack, Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin, Better WP Security etc.

2.3 Start writing

When your blog is fully set, now you have to start writing quality articles in your blog. But you should not make any haste to increase your blog’s traffic. Because this will bring visitors to your new blog, they will not come back considering your blog as new and incomplete. So it becomes necessary that first write at least 8 -10 good posts on your blog, then do SEO on it well and share your posts on social media platform.

2.4 what is SEO ?

SEO is a technique by which we get organic traffic on our blog. Articles of your blog get good ranking in search results by Google through SEO. Which increases the chances of getting good traffic to your blog. There are two types of SEO techniques On-Page seo and Off-Page seo.

1.On-Page SEO Techniques

Writing articles of good quality
Using Long-Tail Keywords in Every Post
Using Keywords in Heading and Sub Heading too
Writing Attractive Meta Description
Giving Alt Attribute to Image |

2.Off-Page SEO Techniques

Guest writing postings
Join social media
Submit your articles to Articles Directories
Creating dofollow backlinks
Creating Nofollow Backlinks

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2.5 Monetize Your Blog

 You have created your Niche or micro niche blog. Now you have to start making money from your blog, for this you will have to monetize your blog. To monetize means making money by showing Google Ads on your Blogs or through Affiliate Marketing, Paid Reviews etc.

The easiest way to monetize is Google Adsense. For this, first you have to sign up in Google Adsense, then in Google Adsense you have to put a request for your blog. If Google finds everything right, then approve your blog. For a few years now, the rules of the Approval Policy of Google Adsense have become a bit difficult.

If you want your blog to get Google’s Approval quickly, then you must have at least 15-20 articles of good quality in your blog and also with Contact us and About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, There must also be a section. Without these, it is not possible to get Approval of Google Adsense.

Apart from Google Adsense, you can also earn good money from affiliate marketing. For this, by joining with a good affiliate program, you have to provide affiliate links to that company on your blog.

Nowadays there are many such companies in the market who contact Blogger to write Paid Revives for their products. When your blog is famous, you can earn money by writing Paid Revives of a company’s product or service.

Today we read this topic ‘ what is niche blog or micro niche blog ?‘ And how to earn money from it. I gave you the complete information related to this. Hope you have liked this post, if there is any deficiency then please comment and tell. ‘

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