What is digital marketing and how to start digital marketing?

What is digital marketing

In today’s time everything is happening online. Internet has changed our lives and today we can do all things through it only through phone or laptop.

We can do all the work like online shopping, ticket booking, recharges, bill payments, online transactions, through internet. The biggest thing that has emerged through this internet is digital marketing. In today’s article, we will know what is digital marketing and how to start digital marketing?

The companies previously used to advertise on radio, newspaper, and TV, but over the years, companies put more and more advertisements on mobile, which also reduces their cost and reaches more and more people to the right people, so that the digital marketing business emerged very much Is and will be more in the coming years.

So we need to know what is digital marketing and how to start digital marketing?
Let’s know –

1. What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing – The process of marketing your goods and services through digital means is called digital marketing. Digital marketing is done through the Internet. We can do digital marketing through internet, computer, mobile phone, laptop, website advertisement or any other application.

In other words, a service or product that we use to sell digital technologies, such as the Internet and other online mediums, is called digital marketing or online marketing. The first to establish a digital market that was tried in the 1980s, but it Could not be possible. After that, its name and usage started in the 1990s.

Digital marketing is the easiest and easiest way to reach new customers. It serves to carry out marketing activities. It is also known as online marketing. Digital marketing can reach more people in less time.

With digital marketing, the producer can reach his customer as well as monitor their activities, their needs. Where is the trend of customers, what does the customer want, all these are possible only through digital marketing. Digital marketing in easy language is one way to reach customers through digital technology.

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2. Why is digital marketing important?

What is digital marketing – This is the era of modernism and in this modern era everything has been modernized. In this sequence, the Internet is also a part of this modernity, which is spread everywhere like fire. Digital marketing can work through the Internet. Today, every person is connected to the Internet and it is using it easily everywhere.

That’s why Sigital marketing becomes necessary. Let us know why digital marketing is important?

1.Digital marketing is a simple and fast way to promote your product.

2. Online marketing is much cheaper than offline marketing.

3. Digital marketing gives better results.

4. Digital marketing is the best way to reach your product to a target audience.

5. In digital marketing you get thousands of ways to promote your service and product.

6. Digital marketing helps in increasing the brand value of the company.

7. Digital marketing is a way that you can promote your product globally.

8. With digital marketing, you can market your product and sell it online.

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3. How to start digital marketing?

3.1 blogging

This is one of the best ways to get into digital marketing and you can work on the blog. Many people have come into the world of digital marketing only after blogging and now they have become experts of digital marketing. It serves as both learning and teaching.

3. 2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to get a lot of traffic from search engines to your website or blog, then it is very important to know SEO. Do you know that many companies spend thousands and millions of rupees on the SEO of their website.

3.3 Youtube channel

YouTube today is the second largest search engine after Google which means there is a lot of traffic on youtube. This is a way where you can promote your product through video.
The big company pays youtuber to review their product to tell people about their product.

If you are a video creator then you can start digital marketing using YouTube. It is also a free platform.

3.4 Social media

This is the easiest and popular way to do digital marketing. Many companies use social media to promote their product and service. You will also see advertisements of many companies on social media many times.

3.5 Google Adwords

You must have seen a lot of advertisements on the Internet. Do you know that most of these ads are shown by Google. With the help of Google Edward, you can market your products and services. Google Edward is a paid service for which you have to pay. After that you can reach your target audience to your product.

You can run many types of advertisements through Google AdWords. like

• Display advertising
• Text ads
• Image ads
• gif ads
• Text and image
. Match content ads
• Video ads
• Pop-up ads
• Sponsored search

3.6 Affiliate marketing

It is a commission based marketing. Such affiliate programs are run by online shopping and product selling companies. With which you can sell any product of that website. After which the company gives them some money as commission.

This is the most unique way of digital marketing. Due to which the website is also marketed and the product is also sold. Because it gets commission only on selling the product.

3.7 Apps marketing

As many famous websites as they are, you will definitely get to see them in the Google Play Store. Because in today’s digital world everyone has a mobile phone and most people use apps for shopping, money transfer, online booking, news, and social media. Therefore, the digital marketing of the company can also be increased by making an app.

3.8 Email Marketing

It is very important for all the company to do their email marketing. Because new offers and discounts come, you can send them to your customer through direct email. And also get their feedback from the customer.

There are many other ways of digital marketing. But you have to work on the ways in which you get maximum traffic because the more people will see your product, the more sales your products will be.

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4. Currently seeking digital marketing

What is digital marketing – Today’s time is the time of internet. In earlier times digital marketing was not so popular. But today big companies are doing digital marketing to sell their products. Because today all kinds of people are connected to the internet, their Because it is easy to gather all the people in one place which was not possible before.

The demand for digital marketing is getting very high in the present time. The merchant who makes his product is easily reaching the customer through digital marketing. It is promoting digital trade.

Earlier advertisements were shown through TV, newspaper, radio. Consumers would have liked to see it again, but today, goods are being sent directly to the consumer. Everyone has online platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube etc.

5. Digital Marketing Utilities

What is digital marketing – (i) You can create a brochure on your website and advertise your product on it and send it to people’s letter-boxes. And how many people are watching you can also find out.

(ii) Website Traffic – Know which website has the largest audience – first you know this, then put your ad on that website so that more people can see you.

(iii) Attribution Modeling – Through this you can find out which products people are interested in or which advertisements they are watching. For this, special tools have to be used, which can be possible through a special technique.

How you make contact with your consumer is more important. You should also keep an eye on the choice along with their needs, doing so will boost the business.
Their trust in you is also very important, do not hesitate to buy your product after seeing that advertisement.

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Friends, my article today is digital marketing and how to start digital marketing? How did you feel? If you have a question or a deficiency in your mind, do tell by commenting.

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