What is a blog and how to earn money from blog ?


Hello friends, in this post today, I will give you complete information related to what is a blog and how to earn money from blogs. You are reading this post, it means that you are also interested in blogging and in future you also want to blogging, then you have come to the right place.

I will give you complete information related to blogging. In today’s time everyone wants to blogging. The reason for this is very little investment in blogging and it can be done sitting in any corner of the world. Today we will give you complete information about what is A blog and how to earn money from blog.

1. What is a blog ?

what is a blog– Let us know what blogging is and how to earn money from blogs.
A blog is a platform provided by Google and WordPress, it is a kind of website which people are interested in writing or who like to share their knowledge. Those people create their blog in different platforms and increase the knowledge of the people.

Blog can contain text, images, media and data etc. There are different types of blogs also, which we will discuss in detail below. In other words, a blog is basically a magazine which is present on the online web.

The only difference between a blog and a blogging is that a blog is a kind of website and when content is written on it, the process of writing it is called blogging.

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2. Difference between blog and blogging

what is a blog – Now the question arises that who is called a blogger? The blogger is the one running the blog, the content is written and published.

The blogger is the owner of the blog that starts it and runs it. For example, the owner of a company that starts and runs the company. There may be more than one person running a blog. A blogger has to be constantly updated. The user has to provide good information. Only then can he keep the user happy and become a successful blogger.

3. What to write in a blog ?

What is a blog?
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Everything you are interested in in the blog, you can write in the blog. In the blog, you have complete freedom to write, but in the blog, you should write about the topic that you are aware of and you can write well only then you can become successful blogger. I am giving you the idea of ​​some topics –

Like – Blogging, Designing, Fashion, Technology, Movie, Internet, Relationship, Health, Travel, Culture, Interesting Facts and many other categories etc.

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4. How to create a blog ?

What is a blog – If you have decided to make a blog, then we will discuss it – to create a blog, first of all we have to buy domain name and hosting. Hosting makes you blog on Blogger, you will get it for free. While WordPress will have to pay for it. I will recommend you to WordPress itself.

Because it has more features in it, you will get the domain name from godady within Rs 300. Now you have to connect the two together, if you want more information about it, then you will find it in the video on YouTube, if I write it in detail, then the post will become very long.

Now a format of your blog is ready, now you have to put content, image, you have to provide good information for the user and you have to be UPDATE daily only then you can become successful blogger.

5. Blog History – Blog History in English

 what is a blog – The blog was not so popular in the early days when in 1994 ‘Justing Hall’ created the world’s first blog Links.net, which was a Swarthmore College student at that time. At that time the word blog did not even originate.

For the first time in 1997, John Barger coined the term ‘Weblog’ which is the author of Robot Wisdom. But the origin of the real word was shortened to ‘Blog’ in 1999 by ‘Peter Merholz’. After this, “Blogger.com” was created on the basis of the same word, although it is currently owned by Google.

This is where the blogging journey started and later over time blogs started to build up rapidly because now programming language is no longer needed to write blogs. Because now Blogger was doing all this work.

Impressed by this blogger’s success, a new open source blogging “WordPress” was introduced.
It also became very popular like Blogger and today more than half of the blogs and websites of the world are using WordPress.

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6. How to make money on blog with Google Adsense

what is a blog – To earn money from Google Adsense, first of all we have to follow the rules of Google, if you want to take approval from Google Adsense, first you have to create pages about us, contact us, privacy policy, Trms And Condition, disclember etc. on your blog. What is affiliate marketing, how to do it Millions of rupees can be earned using affiliate marketing.

If you review a prodect on the blog, you can earn a lot more money. In this, you have to give a link to the website of amzon, snapdeal, in your blog, after this, as soon as someone clicks on the link from your blog, the product will be bUY, instead you will get a commission.

7. Types of the blog

There are several types of blogs, in which the list of some blogs is given below –

Personal Blog – In personal blogs we write about our personality thoughts and ourselves.
Business Blog – If you want to do a business then you can also create a business blog.
News Blog – News blog shows new news stories by the blogger and informs the public about them.
Technical Blog – Technical information is provided in the technical blog, in which knowledge related to technology is provided.
MULTI NICHE Blog – In this blog information related to different types of NICHE is provided in the same blog.

Niche Blog – Niche blog is based on a NICHE, in which information related to that perticular NICHE is provided.

Guest Blog – The guest blog invites writers to that blog to write their experience and knowledge.

Affiliate Blog – If you want to earn while promoting a product, you can also create this blog.
Media Blog – In the media blog, you put videos, photos and songs and convey information to those people.
Travel Blog – If you are fond of traveling then you can write your travel experiences in a travel blog.
Micro Blog – In Micro Blog, you can write complete information about small part of any big topic. Nowadays microblog is very much in vogue.
Event Blog – This blog earns more money in a short time by writing about the upcoming event. Preparations are started in advance like Diwali, Holi, Christmas etc.

8. Disadvantages of Blogger / Blogging

what is a blog – In this way there is no more harm than blogging, yet I am telling you some things –

8.1 If you try to blogging with your mind and want to earn money by succeeding with the blog, then it can be beneficial for you. If you consider blogging sometimes as entertainment, then by doing this you are wasting time.

8.2 If you have come in the field of blogging, then you have to be patient. You have to work very hard because the blog is an ongoing process.

8.3 Success rate in blogging is very low because only 1 percent of blogs are successful. This is because people do not have patience in the blog and leave after a few months, because blog is a longtime investment.

8.4 Daily you have to write a lot of content in the blog, if you find it boring then you are at a disadvantage.

9. Benefits of Blog

what is a blog – Talking about the advantages of a blog, it has many advantages, there are more advantages than its disadvantage, because the blog is no longer a medium to express ideas, but people are adopting the blog as a career today.

9.1 Freedom of expression – You can express your thoughts, your writing art in front of people from the blog. You have complete freedom for it, no matter the topic of your choice, you can express your personal views on any topic through the blog. However, you must take care of some parameters of Google.

9.2 Means of earning money – People are seeing blogs as a means of earning money in today’s time and people are also earning millions of rupees from blogs. Start any blog today, everyone’s aim is to earn money and people are doing so.

9.3 Having Your Own Identity – Through the blog, you can reach out to millions of people and create a separate identity for yourself. You can increase your own popularity. Today, thousands of people have created their own identity by writing a blog, English blog gives you an identity at the international level.

9.4 Developing the art of your writing – Your writing will continue to grow with the blog. If you want to become a writer, then in my opinion it will not provide a good platform. With this, your art of writing will improve to the people as well as user feedback will also be provided. And people will also get involved with your writing.

9.5 To increase knowledge – To write a blog, you have to read different articles and do research on them, which increases your knowledge so that you can become an expert of a subject.

9.6 Blogging Anywhere in the world – Blogging can be done by sitting in any corner of the world, for this only one laptop and internet is required.

10. What should the new blogger take care of?

10.1 what is a blog – Always choose the topic of your interest only because if you have seen someone, choose a topic in which you do not have interest. So you will work in it for some time and then you will leave it because you will start feeling boring.

10.2 Write such content on your blog that the user likes as well as Google, that is, write seo friendly articles if your articles will be good only

10.3 You should write content on your blog that the user likes as well as Google, that is, write seo friendly articles, if your articles are good then only you will rank in Google and when you get ranked then traffic will come

10.4 Before writing any articles, you must do proper keyword research, check the cpc, search volume of that keyword. For this you can use free tools like ubersuggest keyword research.

10.5 Never copy paste any articles from other website, by doing so your site can be banned by Google.

10.6 You must add images to each article, as well as to keep the size of the image small, you can also edit the image if you want.

10.7 Write your content in your language and write quality content. Google also says that content is king.

10.8 Also take support of social media, share your posts in the website and to get traffic, you will get traffic.

10.9 Do not apply for Google Adsense as soon as you start a blog. You have to work hard for 6 months, after that you apply for AdSense. New bloggers often make the mistake that they apply for Adsense directly after writing 2-3 articles in the blog, so that they do not get Adsense approval.

10.10 Keep updating your posts and try to write your articles daily so that your user will be connected to you.

10.11 It is very important to make a page of Contect us, About us, Privecy policy, terms and condition, on your blog, otherwise you will not get approval of AdSense.

10.12 You must make a sitemap of the blog, it is very important.

10.13 You also have to do internal linking on the blog’s post, this will let the users from your post to other post, this will not increase your bounce rate.

10.14 Do SEO for your blog post, this will help GOOGLE’s Crawlar to read and rank your articles. If your blog is in WordPress then you must install yoast seo plugin.

Today, “What is a blog” and how to make money from it. You should have got complete information related to this topic and this will have increased your knowledge as well, if anything has been missed in this post, then please comment and tell.

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