Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings 2020 |How to set up Rank Math SEO ?

rank math seoplugin settings

Friends, in today’s post, I am going to talk about a plugin which is becoming very popular at the moment and many people are using it as well.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings? How to set up Rank Math SEO?
Rank Math SEO is a WordPress SEO Plugin developed by MyThemeShop. This plugin will also provide Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings? How to set up Rank Math SEO?

Anyone can use Rank Math SEO plugin for free in their site. I am going to give you the complete information about Rank Math SEO settings in this post, so let’s know How to set up Rank Math SEO? Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

So, let’s start the Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

How to Configure Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

  1. Dashboard
  2. General settings
  3. Title and Meta
  4. Sitemap Settings
  5. 404 Monitor
  6. Redirection
  7. Search Console
  8. Import & Export

Rank Math SEO Plugin Setup is very easy. It gives us setup wizard so that new people can easily configure Rank Math SEO Settings on their site.

First of all you have to install and activate Rank Math SEO plugin on your site. After the plugin is activated, it will greet with the setup wizard.

Here is the Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings.

1. Dashboard

If you have already installed Rank Math SEO on your site and want to go to the setup wizard then just click Dashboard >> Setup Wizard.

Once the setup wizard starts, you will see the setup initiation screen. You can screenshot below

It also checks the compatibility of your website. If you get an error, you can click on the More button to see it.

Now click on the “Start Wizard” button.

a. Your Site

Here you have to enter some information for your site such as type of website and logo etc.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings
From this you can choose the website type according to your website.

Personal Blog
Personal portfolio
Other Personal Website
Small Business Site
Other Business Website

Then click on the Save and Continue button.

b. Search Console

You can connect your site with Google Search Console tool to see crawl error notifications, keyword statistics, and other important information in your WordPress dashboard. If you want to know how to connect your site with Google Search Console? So you can read this article of MyThemeShop.

c. Sitemap

Sitemap helps search engines index your content properly. On this page, you can choose which type of post or page you want to add to your sitemap. To configure it, just look at the screenshot.

d. Optimization

e. Ready

Here, it will appear with “Your site is ready”.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

. Setup Advanced Options

You will see this option on the Ready page below on the right side. You click on it.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings
Now, this will take you to the Advanced Options page. Here you have to enable 404 Monitor and Redirection option.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings
404 Monitor – This will help you to track 404 Not Found error on the site.
Redirections – This will allow you to easily redirect 404 URLs (temporary or permanent redirections) on the site. This is a great feature that you will see in yoast seo premium plugin itself.

This is the easiest and fastest way to configure Rank Math SEO settings but it is basic settings.

Now we will configure the Rank Math advance settings.

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2. General settings

Click Rank Math >> General settings. Here you will see some advanced settings.

a. Link

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Strip Category Base
– This will make your URLs clean and short. If you turn it on, the URLs will look like this.
example.com/category/my-category/ will be example.com/my-category

Redirect Attachments – This attachment page redirects the URLs to the posts where they attach.
Redirect Orphan Media – You have to leave the default.
Remove Stopwords from Permalinks – This will remove stopwords like a, and, the etc. from your site’s URLs and will make your URLs clean and short. This will only remove stopwords from the newly created posts URL.

Nofollow External Links – In this you can set Nofollow tag for external domains with one click. But I would not recommend it.
Nofollow Image File Links – It automatically adds rel = “nofollow” attribute to external image files.

Nofollow Domains – If you enter a domain name in this box, it sets Nofollow for those domains so that search engines will not follow them.
Nofollow Exclude Domains – If you add domains to this list, this option does not set the Nofollow tag for them.

Open External Links in New Tab / Window – This option helps in reducing the bounce rate of your site. This automatically adds the target = “_ blank” attribute to external links in your post, page. When the visitor clicks on the link, the link opens in a new window or tab.

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b. Images

This will improve the image search result by optimizing your site image. There are many bloggers who forget to add ALT attributes to their images. But Rank Math SEO Plugin automatically adds missing ALT attributes.

In addition, you can choose the format for your title attribute from the drop-down menu. You can see the screenshot below.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

c. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs help visitors know where they are on your site as well as help search engines understand your site structure. Rank math gives you the option to customize Breadcrumbs at the advanced level.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Separator Character – You can use separator (-) between breadcrumb items.
Show Homepage Link – With this you can enable or disable Homepage Link from Breadcrumb.

Homepage label – Using this you can show another name for home text.
Hide Post Title – This will cause the Post title Hide from your Breadcrumb.
Show Category – If there is a child category of a category, you can get it highlighted or show it.
Hide Taxonomy Name – just keep it off.

c. Webmaster tools

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings
This section allows you to link sites with Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Baidu Webmaster Tools, Alexa Verification ID, Yandex Verification ID, Pinterest Verification ID, and Norton Safe Web Verification ID. Just add verification codes for webmaster tools here.

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d. Edit robots.txt

With the Rank math SEO plugin, you can add your robots.txt file from the WordPress dashboard. Currently, leave it the default.

e. Edit .htaccess

Like the robots.txt file, you can add the htaccess file from the WordPress dashboard itself without cpanel. Do not change it now.

f. 404 Monitor

404 monitor allows you to view the 404 not found errors URL on your site. Here are some advanced options. Just look at the screenshots and configure them.

g. Redirections

Fallback Behavior – If the visitor finds nothing related to the search, you can set the default 404, Redirect to Homepage or Custom Redirection.

Redirection Type – You can choose the redirection type for your redirect content such as 301 permanent move, 302 temporary move, 401 content deleted. We recommend 301 permanent move. Also, when you change the slog of a post, page, category, you can redirect your auto post. You can change the redirection later as per your requirement.

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h. Search Console

You can also authorize your Google Search Console profile with Rank Math plugin to see important information directly from Google.

i. Others

This option allows you to do RSS settings such as Add content before each post in your site feeds and Add content after each post in your site feeds.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

3. Title and Meta

This setting is most important for your blog and website. Here, even a small mistake can lower your ranking.

a. Global meta

This setting has SEO titles and meta options. If you make any changes here, it will affect your entire site. Look at the screenshot and configure it.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Robots Meta – This controls your site indexing.
i). No Index – Prevents pages from being indexed in search engines.

ii). No Archive – Prevents the page’s Cache link from appearing in the search engine.

iii). No Snippet – Prevents a snippet from appearing in search results.

iv). No Follow – Prevents search engines from following links to the page.

Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives – This sets Noindex to empty archives and prevents indexing in the search engine.
Separator Character – It uses the separator (-) between two words.
Capitalize Titles – This allows to automatically capitalize the first character of all title tags.
Leave the rest of the settings to default.

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b. Local SEO

Here, you have to enter some information for your site. Because you have completed this setting in the setup wizard. So there is no need to do anything else.

c. Social meta

Here you can connect your site to social networks.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

d. Homepage

This SEO setting is for the homepage of your website. If you want to change the homepage title and homepage meta description, you can change it,

Also, you can choose custom robots meta for the homepage, such as nofollow, noarchive, no follow, etc. I recommend you keep it unchecked.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

e. Post Formats Archive

No change is to be made, let it be the default.

f. Authors

If you run a single-author blog, leave it disabled. This prevents author archive pages from being indexed in the search engine. Because there will be similar content on author archive pages and homepage. But if you are running a multi-author blog, then enable it.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings
g. Misc pages

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

h. Posts

These affect your single post title and Meta settings. In this place, you can do Article Type, Post Robots Meta and many other settings. You can see the screenshot below.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

i. Pages

This is just for the setting single page.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

j. Media

This is just for media attachment


Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings
You can configure robot meta according to your requirement, or use my recommended settings

k. Categories

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Noindex has to be set for categories. This causes duplicate content in search engines. These are only suitable for site navigation.

i. Tags

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings
Like categories, set noindex for the tag as well. Due to this also it causes duplicate content in search engines, these sites are useful in navigation itself.

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4. Sitemap Settings

Sitemaps contain your site URLs. This helps search engines to index your content properly. With Rank math SEO, you can choose the number of links in a sitemap. In addition, it also allows to add Images and Featured Images to the Sitemap.

Google and Bing are automatically notified when the Sitemap is updated.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

a. Posts

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

b. Page

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

c. Categories

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings 2020 |How to set up Rank Math SEO  ?

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

d. Tags

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

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5. 404 Monitor

404 error occurs when you delete the publishing post then it moves to another URL. Most of the sites have 404 errors. Finding 404 error is not a difficult task. You can fix it easily by finding it with the help of plugin. But if you use Rank Math SEO plugin, then you do not need any plugin. It monitors those 404 error pages and helps to fix them.

Just go to the Rank Math >> 404 Monitor page. If 404 error is coming in your site, then you will be able to see from here. Right now there is no 404 error in this site, so it is showing “The 404 error log is empty”.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

6. Redirection

Rank Math SEO Plugin comes with built-in redirection manager so that 404 and other errors are not detected. If you set up redirections for any of your posts, then just click on Rank Math >> Redirections and you have to add your new redirection.

7. Search Console

With Google Search Console integration in Rank Math, you can see all the important data of the Search Console tool such as average ranking position, click through rate, and ranking keyword in the dashboard of your site.

8.Import & Export

This option makes it easier to switch to the Rank Math SEO Plugin. This imports all the SEO settings from your existing SEO plugin.

Also, Rank Math automatically detects which SEO plugin you are currently using on your site and it gives you the freedom to choose which settings you would like to import.

Additionally, you can also import SEO settings by uploading the file.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings
It also has the ability to export SEO data to other SEO plugins.

Rank Math comes with many features that you can enable and disable based on your need. Just click on dashboard >> module and enable and disable the module according to your needs.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings
If you use AMP on your site, then enable the AMP model.

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today my post “Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings |How to set up Rank Math SEO ?” Please comment and tell.

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