how to write seo friendly article 2020

how to write seo friendly article 2020

Today we are going to talk about the topic related to blogging which is how to write seo friendly article 2020. Friends, till today you will not be able to write good content in Google till then your article will never be able to come in the first page, if you want to improve the ranking of the blog, then you have to write seo friendly article, which along with Google, the user also likes Come .

By the way, for your information, let us know that SEO’s full name is Search Engine Optimization. With the help of SEO friendly article, you can bring good traffic to your website, so let’s know how to write seo friendly article 2020.

1. Blog Title

Post title, which is very important for SEO, add your focus keyword to the title of the post. It is necessary to add focus keyword to the title of the post.

Use focus keywords in your title
Use the long tail keyword in the title
The title of your post should be related to your post so that the user can easily understand what is written in the post.
You must also use the number in your title
If possible in your title, then also use at least one power word.

2. How to write the content of a blog

How to write seo friendly article 2020 – It is very important to have good content because the user will have to do this and Google also says that content is king. The more good content you write, the better your article will be. The more lengthy and valuable your content is, the better your ranking will be.

3. Always write long articles

how to write seo friendly article 2020 – You should always write a longer article because the more the article is long, the more information will be in it and Google always gives more importance to the longer article because it gives the user more information about that topic.

If you write an article in Hindi, you must write at least 1000-1500 words and
If you write an article in English, then you must write at least 2000-3000 words.

If your article is long, then it also has many benefits such as:

You can add more and more keywords in long article.
One advantage of a long article is that you can apply more AIDS in it.
The longer the article is, the more time the user will spend reading it and that will reduce your bounce rate.

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4. Use of image alt tag

The image must also be added to the blog so that the post looks attractive and traffic also comes, but you have to put the name of the focus keyword in the alt tag of the to write seo friendly article 2020

Just like what your image SEO is about, you have to write “what is Seo” in the alt tag of the image so that Google will know what your image is about.

Any image you want to use in your post should not be a copyrighted image, otherwise a copyright strike will come on your website, so you can download many copyright free images, you will find many sites on Google.

5. Using Keywords

Many bloggers do not know much about what a keyword is and what it is used for. Whatever you search in Google is called keyword.

Keywords are of type two

1. Long Tail Keywords

2. Short Tail Keywords

Now you can see both these keywords

Short tail keywords: “photo editing app”
Long tail keyword: “top 10 best photo editing ops in 2020”

You can understand by example that the short tail keyword is included in the long tail keyword itself. And by using long tail keyword, short tail keywords are automatically ranked.
Keep in mind that you should always use the long tail keyword.

6. Use keyword in post

How to write seo friendly article 2020 – You must use focus keyword in your post and use your focus keyword in the beginning of the content and also in the last paragraph but you should use the keyword in the natural way as in my post. Has happened
Remember that you should use keywords at least 4-5 times in your post. If you use more keywords in your article, then Google can also charge you penalty so that your blog posts will not rank.

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8. Add internal link

Internal Link means that a link to another post of your own site or blog has to be added to this post, it is also considered to be a part of SEO, the biggest advantage of adding internal links is that your Bounce Rate also decreases. Keep in mind that you should add internal links related to the topic on which the article is written.

9. Add external link

You need to add external link to your post as much as adding internal link. An external link means adding a link from another site to your site.

External Link means to add a link from another website to your post.


If you have “What’s Blogging?” Writing an article on this topic. And you have given the topic related to external link blogging, it is called external link and if someone touches on the word blogging, then it will go directly to the other blogging site so that that user will get more information.

SEO becomes even better by placing external links because Google gives it a lot of importance because it gives more information to the user.

10. Heading and SubHeading

It is very important to use Heading and Subheading in your post, the title of your post is Heading H1, after that you must also use Heading 2 and Heading 3.
But you can use Subheading up to SubHeading H2, H3, H4, Using Heading and Subheading is a part of a kind of SEO.

You should use keywords related to your post in subheading.

11. Finding user intent

how to write seo friendly article 2020 – User Intent Find means that the user who comes to your article after searching should get all the information in your article related to it, if you do not have this information in your article, then the user will go back from your article and this will cause the bounce rate of your site. Will also increase

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12. Permalink (URL)

Permalink is also very important for the SEO who does SEO in his article, he must know it, you must use the focus keyword in your URL of your post.


SEO Friendly URL

Not SEO Friendly URL

13. Write articles in short paragraphs

You should write your article in short paragraphs as it will improve the readability of the post and many users do not like to read long paragraphs.

More visitors to the blog or site come from mobile, having long articles in mobile is not good for the user to read. You should not keep your blog paragraph longer than 3 -4 cents.

14. LSI Keyword Find

LSI means that latent semantic indexing. If we say LSI keywords in easy language, then your article will not only rank on your focus keywords but also rank on many other keywords along with it and this brings more to write seo friendly article 2020

How to find LSI keywords?
We can find LSI keywords in 2 ways

  1. Google
  2. LSI Graph Tools
  3. Google

If you do some search on Google, then you will see many related keywords.


As I have done “How to earn money” here, you can see in the image below that you will see many related keywords.

  1. LSI Graph Tools

You can also find the LSI keyword by the LSI graph tools as shown in this image.

As I have done “How to earn money” here, you can see in the image below that you will see many related keyword

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15. Never do keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing means that you have used many keywords in your article.

You should never do keyword stuffing on your blog because Google lowers the rank of your article, so that there is no traffic on it.

16. Italicizing 1 to 3 keywords

You make it 1 to 3 Focus keywords Italics in the article of the blog, this will make a big difference in your article and one thing is that you should not use the same word again and again to rank your post, because it will make your article useless.

17. Writing Blog Description

When you search for a post in Google, then you will see some words under the title of the post, it is called Meta Description of the blog and this meta description is of 100-160 words, any search in the search engine will show any post with meta description. Gives

In the meta description of the blog, you must add your focus keyword.

18. Do not mistake grammar

Do not do any mistaxing of spelling in your article.

You should not even do Grammar Mistakes in your article because it affects SEO very much. You can use Grammarly to correct Grammar Mistakes.

And secondly, when you write an article on WordPress or Blogger, you can tell your spelling mistakes word underlined with red color and you can correct it by clicking on it.

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19. Use multimedia

Here is my meaning of multimedia that you should also use Image, Screenshot, Video, GIF, Infographic in your post and this will make the user more easy to understand and this will bring the user back to your blog to read new posts.

20. Social Media Sharing

Any blog post must be shared on social media

By sharing the post on social, the off page SEO of your post also becomes, in addition to this, you also get traffic from social media, which also improves the ranking of the site.

Google also considers social signal to be very important, so do share your post on social media.

Friends, I hope you write this post of mine “how to write seo friendly article 2020” . You must have got complete information from it and your knowledge will also be increased, but if you have any question in your mind, do comment and comment.

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