How to make money online with Quora? Complete information

How to make money online with Quora?

Complete information Hello Friends, I have brought the idea of ​​making a new money today just like every day. If you are not sure, then without losing time, today we will know How to make money online with Quora?.

Quora is a platform in which we can earn money even by giving questions and answers, you may not believe my words but we are living in such a technological world in which everything is possible. Quora has become a huge platform today, so I need to tell you How to make money online with Quora?. If you also want to earn money by answering questions from Quora, then complete this post, let’s know How to make money online with Quora? –

1. What is Quora in 2021?

How to make money online with Quora? – Quora is a platform where we can ask any question of any topic/subject on Quora and you get the answers to your questions easily on Quora.

In other words, Quora is a Question-Answer website and this website is the 81st best-known website in the world. According to a report by Ahrefs, more than 7 million 20 million organic keywords of Quora rank on Google.

And about 12 crores 30 lakhs organic traffic is present on Quora, according to this, the value of traffic is 5 crore 43 lakh UDS, which is much more than any human’s thinking. Until a while ago Quora was just a normal community of questions and answers where anyone could ask a question and anyone could answer it.

Today, on Quora you get the answer to every question about which we want to ask questions. Right here, from technology to finance, from healthcare to medicine, any topic or question that is on your mind is found on the Jawav Quora.

Quora was launched in the US in 2009 and a year later on June 21, 2010, it was launched for public. Two people who made Quora were Adam D’Angelo, Charlie Cheever, both of whom previously worked on Facebook.

There are millions of people on Quora platform who have a lot of experience in their field, which makes it easy to answer your questions.

You have to select a topic related to the question you ask on quora, after that you can request an answer to all those people related to that topic.

Just like every ordinary person knows about Facebook, the blogger also knows about Quora as Quora is the best platform to increase traffic on the website and earn money by selling affiliate products. Quora is the best platform for monetization among Hindi and English bloggers because on Quora you get a lot of traffic from the blog

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2. How to join Quora?

How to make money online with Quora?– If you haven’t yet created an account on Quora? So you are not valid for Quora monetization partner program, for this you will have to create your account on Quora.

You will not get any kind of signup option on Quora to create an account, in which a user can log in in 2 ways.


You can create an account on any of these two and you can log in using one of them and create your profile.

3. How to make money in quora partner program in 2021?

How to make money online with Quora? – Quora program partner is a way by which you can earn money by asking questions or by answering those questions? Let’s know how to make money

Through Quora program partner you can earn money by giving questions and answers because when you join this program when you ask any question and many people will answer your question.

Quora will run its ads between your questions and answers, you will also get money from the same ads. Money received from Quora will be transferred to your PayPal account

However, Quora’s program is new, so Quora is sending invitations only to those who spend a lot of time on Quora and helping others by answering questions.

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4. Who does Quora Invite in its program?

How to make money online with Quora? – Quora only sends invitations to those people who ask questions on regular Quora and answer the questions of others in a good way,

Upvote or downvote on anyone’s question, share and do not break the privacy policy of Quora in any way, Quora sends an invitation to the same people.

If seen, Quora’s Artificial Intelligence notices all these things that Quora is inviting people on the basis of what your activity has been.

5. How do you get Quora to invite?

How to make money online with Quora? – To get an invitation to Quora first you have to become an active Quora user.

You have to be active on Quora daily, you will have to answer questions on Quora daily and also have to ask some questions, and you will have to ask some questions which are different from others.

Apart from this, you will also have to upvote the answers of Quora users according to their quality. If you like the answer to a question, then you must upvote it.

Apart from all these things, you also have to remember that you do not have any policies or rules of Quora, you can join the Quora program by following all these things, but give an answer that you want to help people.
If you follow all these rules then I am sure that Quora will invite you to this program.

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6. How much money can we make from Quora?

How to make money online with Quora? – We can earn money from ads from Quora when you join the Quora partner program, you see Quora ads on the questions and answers given by us, which makes us earning.

Now it depends on which topic your question is, which user said that question, saw and read that user was from which country, etc.

If the CPC of the ads is high, then you earn $ 1 or even more than this, it depends on which country the CPC and user of your ads are from but CPC is less in India.

If you want to earn money, then ask some unique questions and do not ask questions which are against Quora’s policy or rule because Quora keeps an eye on your every activity.

If you work hard and help people, they answer their questions in a good way, and those answers get a lot of views, then you can do quite well.

7. How to ask questions on Quora?

How to make money online with Quora? – How do you ask a question that Quora invites you to join the Partner Program? Quora does not invite everyone who sees many things, no matter how active you are on Quora.

How many questions do you ask And how do you ask questions, just asking questions on quora is not a big deal, you also have to answer questions.

Your writing style should be very good, whoever you answer on Quora should provide complete information about that topic.

You did not ask useless questions on Quora. because since people have come to know that they can earn money by asking questions on Quora. So many people have started asking unnecessary questions on Quora which is totally wrong.

If you ask any unique question that no one else has asked, then Quora will look at your questions and offer you an invitation.

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8. Is Quora available in Hindi?

How to make money online with Quora? -Generally, if you open Quora then it will be seen in the English language. In such a situation, those who are Hindi bloggers or people who like to answer questions in Hindi, they stop it.

But let me tell you for your information that both the Quora website and apps are available in Hindi language and if you know only Hindi then you can give questions and answers in Hindi.

9. Benefits of Quora

How to make money online with Quora? – This website is especially beneficial for anyone who wants to know the opinion of different people on their question. Now we are talking about the income partner program of Quora, so we will know the benefits of Quora according to the blogger.

9.1 Blog Branding:

Not only a blog, but you also have a business, you can reach millions of people through Quora and inform people about your brand, then it will increase your brand popularity and online reputation.

9.2 Unlimited Website Traffic:

More than 200 million unique visitors come on Quora every month, the biggest joy of this traffic is that this visitor is not from Quora website, but it is on the question-answer of the traffic people, so if you also have a good answer. If you write, monthly visitors can come to your website too.

9.3 Sell ​​Product:

If you open this website and you will see that you will find that many product reviews are shared with Hindi, English in 19 languages ​​of the world, whose review has a buy link below the product. In this way, many Affiliate marketer and companies sell their product on Quora.

9.4 Services Promotion:

There are many companies and bloggers who provide services like web development, SEO, designing, video making on Quora. Quora is the best platform for them because it ranks first on Google with the Rich Answer feature and when users search on the internet such a company like Best Salesforce Development Company in India, Quora comes first.

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So friends, in today’s post How to make money online with Quora?complete information , I have explained as much as possible to you through this article, I hope you will like my information, if you have any questions, then comment below. Do mention in the box.

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