how to do keyword research 2020 ? its full info

how to do keyword research

Keyword research is a process by which we do research on search engines to search the most searched keywords, so that we can get a good ranking in search engines by including popular search results in our content.

On Google or other search engines, we search for any content only with the help of keywords. Today, I will give you complete information related to keyword research such as what is keyword research, how to do keyword research, and also complete information related to it, so that you can improve the search ranking of your blog.

Keyword Research is a very important part of SEO. So today we will know about what is keyword research here and “how to do keyword research“?

1. What is Keyword Research?
2. What are the benefits of keyword research?
3. How to do keyword research
4. Best Tools for Keyword Research
5. How important is it to do keyword research
6. Quick Tips on Keyword Research

1. What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a part of a search engine optimization used to find alternative search terms. This is a popular and important task of SEO by which we identify words and phrases.

Keyword research is the first important step to optimize a website or blog for some popular keywords. Without this, the SEO of our site or blog would be incomplete. Keyword research is very important to bring blog or site to search results.

With the help of which we can find out how much popularity or demand there is in the market of that particular keyword. Also, how much competition is there on that particular keyword that we are going to use.

Through research, we can find the traffic on our blog as well as the competition on it and this has an advantage that it also gives us the idea for our next blog post.

We should research the words that people use to search for content and the words that people use more, by optimizing those words on your blog, you can bring more traffic to your site.
With this, we can easily rank our blog posts on Google on any special keywords.

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2. What are the benefits of keyword research?

Before knowing “how to do keyword research”, we know what are the benefits of keywords. If seen, there are many advantages of keyword research. If you run a blog, you are a blogger, then you must have knowledge of keyword research. This helps your blog or site to get top rank in search engine and increase traffic.

Here are some advantages:

1. If you write each of your posts after doing keyword research, then more and more targeted traffic will come to your blog and your post will get ranked in Google quickly.

2 . If more and more of your posts rank in the search engine, then the domain authority of the site will become higher.

3. With the help of keyword research, you also get ideas for the content of your blog.

4. With keyword research, you can rank your blog or site on a particular keyword.

5. With the help of keyword research, we get information about how much competition is on a particular keyword and what efforts will be required to increase more traffic.

6. The more keywords you rank on your site or blog, the better your ranking will be.

7. If you want to get more organic traffic from search engine then you must do keyword research.

8. The traffic that you will get by ranking keyword in search engine will earn more than both from Google ADS and from affiliate market.
Apart from these, there are many benefits of doing keyword research. Which we will know later.

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3. How to do keyword research?

What is keyword research and its benefits, then we have learned, now we will know how to do keyword research?
To get high rank in search engine, while doing keyword research, we should keep in mind the following things like

Therefore, if you do not do Keyword Research before writing your content, Google will not rank your content and your content will not be visible on the first page of Google. Regardless of how much good content you write.

Here I am going to tell you step-by-step guide how to do keyword research for SEO.

When you have a lot of keywords available, you need to choose the best keyword for your content. But how do we know which keyword will be better for us?

Because there is no tool in the market that will tell you – this will be the best keyword among your keywords. When choosing a keyword, you have to take care of many things that I am going to tell you here.

Search Volume – This is a must. Because the more people search on a keyword, the more traffic you will get

Long Tail Keywords – If you have just created your site or you want to target keywords on which the competition is very low, then long tail keywords will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Competition – You must always select the flame competition keyword on your content. Which increases the likelihood of your content appearing on the first page of Google.

Related Keywords – To optimize your content in a better way, you should also use related keywords. This helps Google to understand your content better.

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4.Best tools for doing keyword research

If the question is arising in your mind that “How to do keyword research?” With which tool, then your search will end, there are many keyword research tools available in the market which can help you find good keywords. I am giving their list below

Answer the Public – It suggests keyword research by Google and Bing and provides a unique platform. Using this, we can find long tail keywords easily. Search any keyword through this tool, it also shows related keywords.

UBBER SUGGEST TOOL – This is also a free tool that provides us with many features like keyword research, content ideas, backlinks, and more information.

Google Auto-Suggest – Enter your main keyword in Google search engine first, it will start showing you on the search screen related to that keyword. As you can see in the screenshot below.

how to do keyword research

Google Keyword Planner – Google Keyword Planner is also a free keyword research tool provided by Google. With this Google Keyword Planner tool, we can find keyword competition, monthly searches, CPC and many other things.

Google related keywords search – If you want to find long tail keyword tool for free, then this tool is also very good for you. Whenever you search for anything in Google, the search results will teach on the screen that these are long tail keywords. You can use long tail keywords in your article. See below in the screen shot.

While doing keyword research, we also have to keep in mind that we should target such keywords whose search volume is high and competition is also very low.

Keywords that have a lot of competition are difficult to get in the top 10 rank of search engines. Because they have already written a lot of blogger articles on those keywords.

For keyword research, we can use keyword research tools. Talking about Keyword Research Tools, there are many tools like Keyword Planner, Oubersuggest Keyword Research, Samrish, Haref etc.

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5. How important is keyword research?

How to do keyword research – Keyword research is very important for a site or blog and it is part of SEO.

If you want to bring more traffic to the blog or site, then you have to do it. Keyword research is the first step of seo.

If seen in today’s time, there is a lot of competition on the keywords of every blog or site.
If you want to write an article “How to do keyword research” Now we search this keyword on Google, Google will show us the search result in millions.

Therefore, if you do not do Keyword Research before writing your content, then the search engine will rank your article but your article will not rank on the top 10 so that your traffic will not be equal. Regardless of how good content you have written in it |

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6. Quick Tips on Keyword Research

1.Always use long tail keyword for your content.

2. It is possible to select keywords with high search volume.

3.While doing keyword research, also keep in mind how much the CPC is.

4. You can use Google Keyword Planner, Google Auto Complete, Google Search Related, SEMrush, ubber suggest, to search your keywords.

5. Using HIGH CPC keywords as much as you can while doing keyword research, because the flame will not be good to earn from keywords with low CPC.

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