How to approve Google Adsense in 2021 ?

How to approve Google Adsense in 2021 ?

Are you blogging or you are thinking about blogging, then you have come to the right place, if there is good traffic on your blog and you want to take approval of Google Adsense then in today’s post, I will tell you ” How to approve Google Adsense in 2021 “

In today’s time, everyone wants to earn money online, but very few people are successful in it.
Blogging is a simple way that you can earn more money than any other way, you can earn money from blogging in many ways like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, backlinks, Google Adsense etc. But Google Adsense is the most popular way to earn. |

But the biggest problem is that most bloggers fail to take Adsense Approval in the first place because they do not have that much knowledge about the policy of Adsense and they get upset and leave blogging in the middle. Here is how we take approval of Google Adsense in 2021. If you tell us some things about it, let’s know “How to approve Google Adsense in 2021” : –

1- Create Important Pages
2- Use Custom Domain
3- Choose Right Topic
4- Write Original / Unique Content
5- Number Of Posts
6- Supported Language
7- Do not use copyright image
8- Blog Design (Responsive Theme)
9- Remove other Ad networks
10- Blog Traffic

1- Create Important page

How to approve Google Adsense in 2021– Your blog must have some important pages before Google Adsense Approval, without this you will not get Adsense Approval such as About us, Contact us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy page. If there is a page, it means that you are following the policy of Google. Earlier it used to get approval like this but now the policy of Google has become more strict.

You will find many such sites online from where you can create this page for free, now it is very important to have these pages.

2- Choose Right Topic

New bloggers do not give much importance to the topic of the blog, but right now it is very important to have the right topic to take approval in Adsense.

Try as much as you can to create a blog on topics like education, health or technology, culture, make money, travel, intersting factors. So that you get the approval of Adsense soon.

Which type of blog should not be created?

Movies, Song downloading site,
Games downloading site,
Mobile specification, feature Blog,
Cricket matches (Score),
Festival wishes & quotes Blog,
Or do not create a blog on a topic on which you could not write new content.

In addition, do not create blogs or content related to Pornography / Adult materials, Pirated Content, Hacking or Cracking Tutorials, Illegal Drugs, Any Other Illegal Stuff.

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3- Use Custom Domain

If you have created your blog in blogpost, then you use custom domain on your blog. Because of this you will get the approval of Google Adsense on the blog soon. The AdSense account you get is a non-hosted AdSense account.

You can choose a company like Godaddy, Bigrock etc. to buy a domain at a cheap price. You can get a custom domain on your Blogspot blog.

Always use only top level domains like .com, .in, .org, .net for your domain.
If you use a free domain like .tk, .ga, .xyz then your AdSense account will not be approved.

If you have made the content of your blog of high quality and follow the policy of Google, then you may
Approval can be found only in 1 month old domains.

4- Write Original / Unique Content

How to Approve Google Adsense in 2021 – New Blogger does not follow this method, due to which Adsense Approval is not available on their blog.

Whatever article or post you are writing should be 100% original and unique, that means your content should not be copied from anyone. New bloggers copy content from other blogs and create a new post, so that Google grabs such content and this does not allow their AdSense account to be approved.

An original and good content as well as post should have proper headings and sub-headings, should not contain grammar and spelling mismatch, the post should be useful and informative.

You can use the Plagiarism Tool to check the originality of the content in your blog. If your Playgarism tool contains more than 80% unique content then only post it otherwise it will not be called content unique.
If you do not know how to write content, then you can not do blogging because the content is king and this is what Google says.

5- Number Of Posts

How many posts are required to apply for Google Adsense?

There can be no straightforward answer to this, it depends on many factors like the length of your content, the quality of the content, the number of posts, etc.

However, I can give you some ideas like if you write a unique article of 500 words, then there should be at least 25 posts in your blog, if you write a unique article of more than 800-1000 words, then there should be 15 posts. . The longer and unique your article is, the better it is, so that your Adsense approval will be available soon.

As far as I am concerned, after 40 articles on my blog, I sent a request for AdSense approval which was accepted in 24 hours.

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6- Supported Language

How to approve Google Adsense in 2021 – Google Adsense does not support all languages. In India, English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Urdu language blogs are recognized, but if you create a blog in any other languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Telugu, Marathi, Kannad, Gujarati etc. then you will not get approval of Adsense in it.

7- Do not use copyright image

Your blog should not have a copyrighted image downloaded from Google or other sites, otherwise a copyright strike may occur on your site, or if you have submitted your site for Google AdSense application, your application may be rejected.

You can use royalty free images on your blog from a site like,, apart from this you can create images through Photoshop and and use it in the blog.

8- Blog Design (Responsive Theme)

If you want to take AdSense approval on your blog then it is very important to have a responsive theme on your blog. For AdSense approval, the design of your blog should be simple and professional. Reponsive means mobile friendly theme.
Most bloggers do not customize their themes well, which is why their blog design does not look good.

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A good blog must have all these features:
Theme design should be simple and white background
Be sure to create favicon and logo for your blog.
Do not use unnecessary widgets.
Properly set the menu.
Do not get an error when you open any link.
Blog should have a fast loading speed.
If all these features are present in your blog too, then you can apply your blog for Google Adsense Approval.

9. remove other Ad networks

How to approve Google Adsense in 2021- If you are using ads from other Ad Network like Revenuehits, Popads, Bidvertiser, Chitika on your blog, then you have to remove those ads from your blog before applying for Google Adsense. .

Google Adsense allows some ad programs to show ads and does not allow some ad networks to show, so remove all other ads from your blog when you are applying for AdSense.

10- Blog Traffic

Although there is no rule regarding traffic in Google Adsense Approval, but when I applied my blog for Adsense, my blog had more than 1000 traffic but even if the traffic on your blog is coming less then you can use Adsense Approval Can apply for

The most important thing is, where is the traffic coming from your blog?

If paid traffic is coming to your blog or traffic is coming from an illegal source, then Google Adsense application will be rejected on your blog. More and more social media like your blog (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google search (organic) ) Traffic came.

Now get Adsense approved on your blog. If you have followed all the above Google Adsense tips then 100% of your AdSense will be approved.


If your Adsense was not approved, then you must have understood how to access Google Adsense account.
If you like our post “How to approve Google Adsense in 2021”, please tell us if you have any questions in this regard, then please comment.

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